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Resources for Reviewers


As a Reviewer you will be responsible for recruiting and reviewing paper submissions for your specific category. You will review papers for technical content and paper format. You will also work closely with the authors to revise papers as necessary. A paper is not accepted for publication or presentation until it receives final approval by our Technical Committee.

Review the documents below. These documents will help you to understand what is expected by the author and reviewers.

SAMPE 2019 Companion Documents
Expectations for Authors
Review Process

SAMPE 2019 Paper Template

How to Complete your Paper Reviews:
Follow the link to view the Accessing Abstract Submissions - Tutorial
(if you have a co-chair be sure to work with them to split these assignments)

  1. Login and click Complete My Rankings.
  2. Click on the Team drop-down menu.
  3. Select your Category (Team) from the drop-down list.
  4. Applicants to be reviewed are submissions that are ready for your review.
  5. Applicants in your pipeline are assigned to you, but are not ready for review or have already been accepted by your team.
  6. Click on Submission ID# to view and individual submission and complete your review
  7. Or click on See Reference Material to view all forms and uploads related to this submission. Select Paper Upload to view this submission in the PDF viewer and to download the MS Word Document.
  8. To complete your review select Click to complete on the Applicants to be reviewed section. You will be asked if this paper is ready for publication. If revisions need to be made, select no.
  9. If a revision is needed:
    1. Download the word document
    2. Add your comments or track changes.
    3. Upload revision requests to the FluidReview website.
    4. The author will be notified by email if revisions are necessary.
    5. You will be notified by email when a revision has been uploaded.
  10. If for any reason you feel a paper should not be accepted, please email your reasons for non-acceptance to It is important that you provide three specific examples as to why this paper is not acceptable for publication.